When you look up R&B and Jazz, one name that will always stand out over and over is Les Paul Roque. He’s not only musical …he’s jazzical!

Born and raised in Ewing Township, New Jersey, Les Paul was flooded with music from the Tri-State Area, the Philly sound, the New York groove, that DC funk as well as the Trenton rhythm. By the age of nine Les Paul knew his calling was the piano and the way he touched those keys were magical.

While working with Philadelphia International Records Les Paul added strings and horns to his musical arrangement repertoire. During his time at Philly International Les Paul was introduced to and became keyboardist for a new group, Love Committee (formerly The Ethics), where he shared his writing ability with Ron Tyson (now lead singer for The Temptations) on much of their music. Later, Les Paul joined TK Records and recorded “Moon Ride” and “It’s You Girl” with the group Universal Love.

Les Paul has traveled the globe playing with such groups as: Sister Sledge, Bonnie Pointer, Luther Ingram, and working as musical director for seven years with the one and only Mr. Billy Paul.  Along with his mentor, Skip Scarborough (who taught him the music business and whom he credits for helping him to be the writer he is today), they co-wrote songs for Anita Baker and Edwin Hawkins.

The Reverend Rowe at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Trenton, New Jersey, is the person Les Paul credits for his gospel roots beginning in music. Les Paul says, “My love for the piano came once I learned my talent was a gift from God. I’ve always had passion for the music but once I realized the Lord was truly involved in my music and then having the chance Reverend Rowe gave me in church, it made me work even harder.” Getting his inspiration from the Creator above and being influenced by such greats as Herbie Hancock, Elton John, Joe Sample, Johnny Robinson, Gamble and Huff, and so many others whom he has played with and learned from along the way, Les Paul Roque is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Piano player/song writer/composer-when it comes to his music it all comes from the heart and his love and passion for what he does. Les Paul adds, “I am an energetic player and I produce and perform expressive music with a positive message. In my music you will hear some gospel, jazz, and funk.”

Grammy nominated for his CD “dare 2b dif’rent” Les Paul states, “I’m an originator, an innovator not a duplicator or imitator.”

Les Paul Roque, the man whose fingers have been touched from above. 

from my fingers to your soul

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friends & fans

Wow! Just learned something new about you. I didn't know you were this talented. Thanks for inviting me to your gig a couple of weeks again. The performance was awesome, I enjoyed myself, met Ms. Jeanne (my new side kick...LOL!) and you can really play that keyboard. Hope you'll be back in our neighborhood soon performing. Still gotta say "GO SAINTS". Hopefully when football starts we will be on speaking terms again...LOL!

– Ms. Brown

Les I listened to your cd's and watched your videos of you playing JUST SIMPLY AMAZING! I am glad to know you. What little I do know about you your A JEWEL! Just a Genuine Person just like your Music. Keep Allowing God To Use You.

– Sherri Jennette

Love your sounds man.....hope to catch you as much as possible. Maybe some encore's at Mi Famillia? I, realize that isn't the best venue to showcase your talents, but fun!

– John Gibson (Gibby)

I have been a Les Paul Roque fan since the 70s and the enthusiasm only grows. I'm glad that we got to cross paths on our musical journeys and I look forward to many more years of great music from you. Do what you do, Bro. You're the best! – Bobby Cutchins 

This is my brother we grew up together he is great GOD blessed him with so much talent. And he is doing what he enjoys. God blessed me with my brother he is always there for me and likewise. Keep banging them keys my brother. LOVE your brother HAROLD 
– Harold Wilson

Your music has been an inspiration to my soul. I truly need your next CD. Your music brings sunshine on a cloudy day and that"s for real. Keep being the best Les

– Jessica

Wow...all I can say is wow! So much energy.
– Elise